DVD Production

Converting and authoring of custom DVDs, Duplication

We produce & duplicate DVDs for presentation and distribution. With specially deigned menus, our authored DVDs are customized for your needs. Besdies video content, our DVDs can incorporate slideshows of images and graphics.

Disc Duplication (Standard DVDs/CDs)

50 Discs – $280 including printed face and plastic sleeve
100 Discs – $480 including printed face and plastic sleeve

Tape to DVD transfer

Convert your archived footage to DVD. Tape wears out with every playback, is prone to fungus attacks, and even if it’s stored well, it is continuously deteriorating. Preserve your memories on DVD – compact, lasting and plays back on any DVD playe or computer.


Convert your VHS/DV/Digital 8/Video 8/Hi8 tapes to DVD or VCD. Preserve your footage digitally. Give your precious memories a new lease of life!INTERNET SPECIAL:
$99 per DVD of 2hrs of video material per tape. Order 3 conversions and get the 1 set of duplicates of each disc FREE!Duplicates priced at $15 each.WHAT DO OUR CLIENTS USUALLY CONVERT? 
Wedding Videos, Baby Videos, Training Videos, Corporate Videos, musical performances.WHY CONVERT? 
Your tapes are basically magnetic particles on a piece of cellophane that deteriorates through time, with every playback. Keep a copy in DVD to make sure those memories don’t get lost altogether.Post us your tapes and we will send it back to you with your newly created DVDs. We can also pick up your tapes from you. Online payment by credit card is available.

Note: Copyright of material is the responsibility of the client. All tapes will be treated with the utmost care.